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  •   opptuni liked this post about 15 hours ago
    Looks good huh ? Want the recipe ? It's very easy !

    Ingredients :
    Home grown lettuce... this is from my wonderful Mummy's garden so you can't get it but you can get organic lettuce NEVER go with iceberg lettuce .... it has NO nutritional value ! ( Mummy's words )
    Tomatoes ... chopped not big chunks... the redder the tomato the better !
    Cucumber ... the skinny English ones are the best ! Sliced thinly and ideally left in circles... English people eat cucumber sandwiches with their "tea" do you think cucumbers are meant to be cut thickly ? Um... NO !
    Cheese - Applegates naturals - aged cheddar cheese ( white cheese)
    Ham - Applegate naturals uncared honey ham - it's already thinly sliced so cut into strips
    Carrots - got them already shredded from the salad bar at the grocery store ... this is ok....
    Beets - same as carrots but slice them ( refer to picture)
    Black olives - same as carrots and beets
    Peppers - mixture of red, yellow and green... hello Bob Marley ! Oh and same as black olives...that just didn't sound right... sorry ! I just meant slice them ....or chop....
    Pine Nuts - international Organic Harvest - Go Pine Nuts! (Shelled Russian pine nuts) hmmmm......

    Put it all together in a lovely bowl... have some very nice salad tongs please....

    We forgot the dressing.... that's going to take a long time to type .... so just use some healthy salad dressing ... just not kraft or wishbone please .... far too many preservatives.....

    Chef OKaye
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